Values & Commitments

Women and nature are at the heart of our creations, so it is naturally that we are committed to them every day. Their struggles, their wealth, their strength and their infinite beauty deserve our full attention.

Tahiti - Paris: long-distance flight…

In order to reduce the ecological impact of our shipments from Tahiti to Europe, we try to store as many of our Polynesian creations as possible in mainland France. To identify the jewels already present on metropolitan soil at a glance, a search for creations with a low ecological footprint for shipping is possible from the product page.


The quality of the waters of the lagoons and the Pacific Ocean has a major impact on the quality of the pearls and keshis that we work with. 

That's why in 2022 we decided to become a member of the program We the reef launched by Coral Gardeners, and donate 1% of our annual sales to support their mission.

Located on the island of Moorea, Coral Gardeners has been committed since 2017 to preserving reef corals and marine biodiversity. 

Its mission: to restore the ocean, one coral at a time. In their nurseries, coral gardeners are nurturing the super corals of tomorrow. 

Water is our most precious resource, taking care of it is our greatest gift to you.

Along with the Amazons

In October 2022, we opened the doors of our showroom to all those who wished to participate in our jewelry making workshops. 

A portion of the proceeds were donated to theAssociation of the Amazons Pacific, who fight against breast cancer.

A moment of sisterhood and creativity to experience together in our workshop. The opportunity to create a unique jewel, but also a nice souvenir... 

On the program: good humor, complicity, concentration and the joy of leaving with a personal creation.

24 participants in the "pink workshops", i.e. 600 euros donated in 2022
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